Llamen al “Senate Education Committee” Antes del 30 de octubre!

Estimados amigos:

Espero que se encuentren bien.  Disculpen la molestia, pero ¿saben que hay unos legisladores federales en el Senate Education Committee (de Tennessee, West Virginia y Washington State) que quieren eliminar los fondos federales para “fee-waivers”?  Si pasa esto, no habra $$ para nuestro alumnos de bajos ingresos para que tomen exámenes “AP” o “IB”.

Vea abajo…y mas importante hagan esto, por favor:

We ask you to consider calling Senate Education Committee staff at 202-224-5375 to urge support for the Accelerated Learning Program, which would ensure that funding is provided for low-income students taking AP and IB Exams. Your message is simple — please support AP and IB through a separate accelerated learning program in ESEA to ensure that low-income students can get an early start on obtaining a college degree while still in high school.

We are very appreciative of your help with this. As this is a timely matter, we ask that you please make your call by Friday, October 30, 2015.

Muchas gracias!


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